WOLF-Garten Pruning Saw 275mm PCS275

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This new saw from WOLF-Garten offers plenty for the keen home gardener. The ergonomically shaped handle features a soft-grip insert for added comfort while the handle also tilts at 2 different working angles to the blade. This allows the saw to either cut aggressively into soft woods when at the sharpest angle, or the saw can take a calmer approach in hard woods when set at the shallower angle.

The blade is replaceable and is available separately. Saw also supplied with sheath as pictured.

Blade Length: 275mm
Ergonomically shaped handle with soft-grip insert
Two different working angles for user-friendly operation
MaxControl: Round détente stop at the front and rear part of the handle for safe and secure handling
Saw cover for safe carrying on a belt
Special pull-type teeth for powerful yet fatigue-free work
Clear cutting surface to prevent bacterial infection
Replaceable saw blade
Made in Germany

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