Vesco X40 Superfast Robotic Pruning Shears

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Electrically powered “Robotic” pruning shears with optimized and progressive cutting speed.  The double selectable opening mode allows for cutting branches up to 40mm in diameter making it the ideal pruning tool for vineyards, orchards or for tree management by landscapers and arborists.  VESCO blades are hot-forged chrome vanadium steel and offer both a superior cutting performance as well as long lasting durability.

The body of the shear’s frame is constructed with hot-forged aluminum, rendering it remarkably light, robust and warranted for life while the anatomically designed outer shells are composed of a non-slip carbon-filled nylon material that is soft to the touch. To power the shears, VESCO offers a ultra-light 144 Wh lithium ion battery.  

The complete X40 Robotic Shears kit is packaged in a handy backpack.

Download the technical data sheet here.

Kit includes: 1 x X40 Hand piece, 1 x 144Wh Vesco Li-Ion Battery Pack, 1 x Charger, 1 x Maintenance Tool Kit, 1 x Holster & Belt, 1 x Carry Case

Full range of spare parts
Battery Operating Time: 8 hours
Charging time from empty: 2 hours
Battery Specs: 36V, 4Ah
Battery Weight: 1100gms
Hand Piece Length: 29cm
Hand Piece Weight: 820gms
Cutting Capacity: 40mm∅
Made in Italy

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