Vesco T20/60 T-Rex Curved Anvil Lopper 60cm

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This Vesco T20 series branch-cutter/lopper has several advantages: it increases the maximum size of the cut, decreases cutting effort and it allows for easy replacement of the cutting blade.  The curved anvil and pull-back slicing action of the blade hold the branch in place and produce an easier and cleaner cut.  The mobile blade is mounted in an eccentric position: this allows the branch to be dragged towards the fulcrum avoiding possible slipping.  Blade unit is made of hot forged and tempered steel.

A well balanced, and light weight but strong lopper that is popular with horticulturalists, landscapers and home gardeners.  Spare parts available.

Made in Italy.

Vesco is located in Maniago, a town famous and appreciated throughout the world for its age-old cutlery and cutting tool traditions.

Anvil cutting action
Curved anvil for improved cutting action, and less effort
Light weight but strong
Easy replacement of blade and anvil
Double-action mechanism
Length: 60cm
Weight: 820g
Cutting Capacity: 45mm∅
Made in Italy

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