Vesco Grafting Bill-hook Knife R318

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The Vesco R3 Grafting Bill-hook knife represents Italy's finest in horticultural tools and knives. This useful and light working tool is handy and fast due to its small size. The blade is made of special tempered carbon steel and it is accurately sharpened. The wooden handle has brass inner linings and brass rivets.

Handmade in Italy

Vesco is located in Maniago, a town famous and appreciated throughout the world for its age-old cutlery and cutting tool traditions.


Blade material: Tempered Carbon Steel
Blade Length: 65mm
Overall Length: 180mm
Weight: 110g

Please note: Vesco knife blades are manufactured using tempered carbon steel. Plant saps can cause rust to form on the blade after use and the appropriate care needs to be carried out after every use. Clean the blades using either soapy water or Pro Horto Blade cleaner. Then wipe the blade with light oil or CRC/WD40. This will prevent any unnecessary build-up of rust.

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