Tina 645/9F Budding Knife with Brass Lifter 9cm

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Tina Knives have proved themselves around the world with over 150 years experience in knife making.  Around 200,000 knives are forged in Reutlingen every year and they are distributed to 35 countries around the world.

Tina is comfortably our most premium brand of grafting knives and we cannot stress enough the quality of Tina knives.

The 645/9F Budding Knife comes with a fixed brass bark lifter, and a 45mm hand forged blade. Polished hand-made walnut handle.

Used for budding fruit trees, this folding knife with rounded tip is particularly popular among professional tree nursery gardeners. The hand-forged blade made of carbon steel (61 HRC) possesses superb sharpness and durability. The pleasant feel of the exquisitely polished walnut handle scales and the fixed bark stripper made of antibacterial brass are among the useful additional features of this high-quality tool. Single bevel.

Also known as bud grafting, this technique involves placing one of the scion's eyes in a stock. Here, the blade tip on the budding knife is adapted to suit the different plant species (vines, fruit trees, roses) for which it is used. This type of knife also possesses a bark stripper to expose the cambium on the stock. The stripper is designed either as a separate tool or fitted to the back of the knife's blade. Single bevel for precise stripping of the bud.

Hand Forged Blade
Hand Made Walnut Handle with Brass Rivets
Brass Bark Lifter
Blade Length: 45mm
Overall Length: 170mm
Weight: 40g
Made in Germany

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