Silky Tsurugi Large Tooth Saw & Sheath 300mm

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Silky's newest pruning saw is the Tsurugi. This saw is very specific as it has a slim blade, allowing to prune in between branches. 

This model of Tsurugi saw has a 300mm blade with coarse/large teeth 8/30mm. The blade has a 1.7 mm thickness. 

The rubber pistol-shaped grip consists of two parts, allowing one to change the blades without tools.

Silky has paid special attention to the saw not falling out of the scabbard - it has a perfect fit! The Tsurugi has an aluminum scabbard with plastic rollers on the inside, guiding the blade perfectly so its teeth do not damage the inside of the scabbard. The scabbard can be attached to a belt or even on the lower leg for arborist use.

Tsurugi saws are the ultimate tools for working efficiently in dense wood, ideal for pruning and gardening

Blade Length: 300mm
Blade Thickness: 1.7mm

Made in Japan
Impulse Hardened Teeth

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