Silky Katanaboy Extra Large Teeth 650mm Folding Saw

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The Silky Katanaboy is a powerful folding saw with a blade length of 650 mm, allowing you to easily saw through tree trunks of 300 mm. This is why the Katanaboy is often compared to a chainsaw, but without the noise, oil, petrol and pollution. Also this saw is light and compact enough to carry in your backpack.

The Katanaboy is the ideal choice for tougher work such as track maintenance, firewood and construction. The results you will see are amazing and with the use of little energy. It is a joy to use on anything, wet, dry, green, hard.

This saw has a strong blade with an aggressive tooth configuration and can handle a lot of cutting and can be resharpened using a file. It is easily unfolded and folded with the use of the locking button on the handle. For safety reasons the saw can be opened in two stages, halfway then to the fully opened position.

The size of this folding saw allows the use of two hands giving even greater cutting power. The Katanaboy cuts on the pull stroke, which feels more comfortable and requires much less effort. It also gives the user precise control over the blade. The ergonomic rubber handle reduces vibration and remains comfortable even after prolonged use.

Supplied with a heavy duty carry bag.

Technical Specs
Blade Length: 650 mm Hard Chrome Plated
Teeth Per 30mm: 4 Can be resharpened with a file.
Kerf: 2.40mm
Weight: 1.250 Grams


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