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Silky saw blades are made of very high-quality Japanese steel and are heat tempered on the cutting edges for long-lasting service. They were not designed to be sharpened but instead to keep their edge sharper much longer than traditional blades. However, some Silky saws can be sharpened using a specially designed Silky Feathered Edge 200m/m file. The blade is wedge-shaped on either side to get right into the teeth of the saw. Sharpening a Silky saw blade requires plenty of patience!


Length 200mm
Only suitable for Silky saws without impulse hardened teeth e.g. Gomtaro, Zubat and Tsurugi can't be sharpened
Silky Japan recommends that you only file the top edge for the first 2 times that you sharpen a blade
Diamond shaped filing blade to access deep into the tooth
Warranted best cast steel
Made in Japan


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