ARS Professional Bypass Secateur CB Series

Size: Medium
Sale price$100.70


The ARS 'CB' series secateurs are world class, but affordable to the home gardener, professional user or the horticultural pruning contractor. Ergonomically designed handles have rubberized grips for optimum comfort. The High-Carbon Steel blades are Chemical Nickele plated for superior protection and come in 2 sizes - Medium (20.5cm length) or Large (22.5cm length). Another key feature is the unique single-handed 'SQUEEZE-UNLOCK' system which allows the user to unlock and open the secateurs by simply squeezing the handles - no thumb or finger movement is required to unlock! Replacement parts available.

Available in 

  • Medium 20.5cm Length, 210g Weight 
  • Large 22.5cm Length, 230g Weight

Made in Japan.


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