Why Buy Okatsuna

Why Buy Okatsuna

Okatsune are based in Hiroshima, Japan, and have been manufacturing sharp and durable cutting tools for over 70 years. 
Thinning and Harvesting Shears
Very light and razor sharp, the 304 thinning shears are specially designed for the cutting and thinning of plants, harvesting fruit, and cutting flowers. The 301 snip has a short curved blade, and the 306 has a straight blade, and both have rounded tips to prevent damage when harvesting vegetables and fruit. 
Allowing up to cuts of 25mm, these secateurs combine the hardness of the blades with a special flexibility so that the cutting blade always aligns with the counter-blade, even after extensive use. Available in 3 size to suit your hands. Contact us to find out more. 
Hedge Shears 
With handles made from Japanese White Oak, these tools will absorb vibrations, are user friendly and very enjoyable to work with.
Carbon Steel Blades 
Forged from the finest Japanese Steel, these blades will stay sharp for an extremely long time and will consistently give a clean and precise cut. 

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