Castellari have been manufacturing high quality horticultural tools in Italy for over 30 Year. 

The lightweight design, strength and reduced cutting effort of all Castellari tools allows for continuous pruning throughout the day. 
The loppers in Castellari range are unique by the way of their design, using a special lever action, allowing cuts up to 40mm with the 600mm length and 45mm with 800mm length. The handles are made from oval sharped lightweight extruded aluminium capable of supporting extreme tension. The counter-blades are made of hot-forged light aluminium. 
The handles and counter-blades are made of hot-forged light aluminium alloy and then covered with a non-toxic slip resistant material. 
Carbon Steel Blades 
The blades in the Castellari range are made from hot-forged high percentage carbon steel, and a cavity created in the blade through manufacture reduces friction and increases branch penetration.