Why Buy A Silky Arborist Saw

Why Buy A Silky Arborist Saw

Silky Saws cut as you pull the blade toward you.

Pulling puts the saw under tension, makes it stronger and naturally straightens the cut - pushing compresses the blade meaning you can bend and buckle it when cutting. 

Mirai-Me smooth cutting teeth. 

The teeth have 4 cutting angles that dramatically increase cutting speed and leaving an exceptionally smooth surface. 

Taper Ground blades and Non-set teeth. 

The blades are thicker at the tooth edge and thinner at the back if the blade, reducing resistance and giving a smoother, easier and faster cutting performance. 

Hard Chrome Plated Carbon Steel Blades. 

The blades are resistant to rust and the effects of resin. 

Impulse Hardened Teeth. 

The Teeth stay sharp around 3 times longer than non-hardened, while the remainder of the blade retains it's normal flexibility. 

Ergonomically Designed Handles. 

Reduces vibration and offers superior grip. 

Silky Saws cut exceedingly fast and effciently! 

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