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  1. Silky User Guide
  2. Why Buy Okatsuna
  3. The WOLF-Garten company
  • Cutting back for winter

    Cutting back for winter

    Cutting back for winter Now that the falling leaves have left trees bare, use it as an opportunity to tidy up and clear away any unwanted branches, being sure to...
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  • Preparing your garden for autumn

    Preparing your garden for autumn

    Preparing your garden for autumn Once the warm temperatures pass and it begins to rain more, spend some time dividing and planting out your bushes and shrubs. Begin by cutting...
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  • Wolf Garten Heritage

    Wolf Garten Heritage

    Bound by tradition – the story of WOLF-Garten It all began with minor inventions that put the WOLF company on the map. One of the first achievements was the draw...
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  • About the multi-change® System

    About the multi-change® System

    A handle and tool head to suit all your needs The WOLF-Garten multi-change® system is a lightweight, interchangeable gardening tool solution where every tool head fits every handle. Simply choose the handle...
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  • Okatsuna History

    Okatsuna History

    From Apprentice to Master Blacksmith During the 1940s Tsuneichi Okano, who began his career as a blacksmith apprentice in 1925, established the company Okatsune in Hiroshima, Japan. He derived the...
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  • Why Buy Castellari

    Why Buy Castellari

    History Castellari have been manufacturing high quality horticultural tools in Italy for over 30 Year.  Lightweight  The lightweight design, strength and reduced cutting effort of all Castellari tools allows for...
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  • Why Buy Okatsuna

    Why Buy Okatsuna

    History Okatsune are based in Hiroshima, Japan, and have been manufacturing sharp and durable cutting tools for over 70 years.  Thinning and Harvesting Shears Very light and razor sharp, the...
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  • Maruyoshi Japanese Garden Tools

    Maruyoshi Japanese Garden Tools

    Maruyoshi Japanese Garden Tools Maruyoshi from Japan make high quality tools to suit every type of gardener. From flax and fibrous plants cutters, to hand held grubbers, there's a garden...
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  • Silky History

    Silky History

    The clang of hammering resounded for the first time in the land of Kishi, Japan in 1919. Silky founder Mr. Katsuji Miyawaki utilized his artisan spirit to create and produce...
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  • Why Buy Original Lowe Cutters

    Why Buy Original Lowe Cutters

    History  In 1923 Lowe Developed the first anvil hand cutters in the world. Today there is hardly a country in the world where an original Lowe cutter is not used. ...
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  • Silky User Guide

    Silky User Guide

    Did you know that cutting on the pull stroke requires less energy than pushing and gives you more control over the action of the saw? If you knew that, fantastic....
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  • The WOLF-Garten company

    The WOLF-Garten company

    The WOLF-Garten company Enjoying gardening is a tradition for us More than 85% of the population of Germany knows the WOLF-Garten brand today. WOLF-Garten is a synonym for the fascination...
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